An industrial 3D-printer system for metal will be installed at LTU. The most common technique for metals will be installed, laser powder bed fusion – a core research expertise at LTU. The system will be representative for industrial partners. LTU, with experience with from UO, will build knowledge (design, process, performance, resulting quality, post-processing, etc.) by getting acquainted with the system and by optimizing process applications. The knowledge will be documented and disseminated to interested companies. Manifold physical demonstrator parts proposed (relevant for the regional industry) will be 3D-printed. After quality optimization iterations, the printed parts will be distributed to the partners and other interested experts from industry and other organizations in the programme area for their showcases and demonstration. Environmental friendly approaches to be studied are the use of waste material. Cost-reducing approaches by LTU will also be studied, to reduce todays massive remelting losses. The generated knowledge will be assessed by UiT.