Summary of the Kolarctic MAM A2 report for website

This report documents the activities conducted in work package 2 (A2) in InterReg Kolarctic project I2P.

Through the A2, the project consortium aims to cumulate knowledge as well as develop a thorough understanding of the economic and environmental status of the Kolarctic region in order to provide an analysis on the main challenges towards adoption of MAM for manufacturing businesses in the Kolarctic region.  Guidelines for assisting SMEs’ adoption of MAM technologies are designed thereafter.

Despite the limited MAM adoption in the Kolarctic regions today, the report states a definite potential for further MAM adoption due to their current status and need for economic growth, as well as their existing industrial structures indicates. However, no known companies or providers of MAM services in the Kolarctic region were identified. Although speculative, it can be reasoned with the lack of companies found within the aerospace, medical and automotive sectors —three sectors known as being especially attractive for early adopters of the technique.

The report also presents results from a survey on industrial experience and potential for adopting MAM, carried out to obtain a deeper understanding of the state-of-art of MAM from a company perspective. The survey urges that a guideline should be developed for assisting the manufacturing industry in the adoption of MAM. A stepwise guideline can also offer manufacturing companies a tool to be more conscious of their opportunities in adopting MAM, identifying their limitation so that they can be more systematic in strategic development towards a full-scope MAM adoption.

Thus, a five-step guideline for facilitating SMEs adoption of MAM is developed, followed by a readiness model that an SME can apply to identify its current position in the adoption.