Research interests:

  • Laser materials processing
  • Metal additive manufacturing

Jan Frostevarg

Assistant Professor (Universitetslektor) Laser-materials processing Div. of Product and Production Development Department of Engineering Sciences and Mathematics

Luleå University of Technology

SE – 971 87 Luleå, Sweden

Recent Publications:

1. Joerg Volpp, Jan Frostevarg, Elongated cavities during keyhole laser welding, Materials & Design, Volume 206, 2021, 109835, ISSN 0264-1275

2. Jan Frostevarg, Rickard Olsson, John Powell, Anders Palmquist, Rickard Brånemark, Formation mechanisms of surfaces for osseointegration on titanium using pulsed laser spattering, Applied Surface Science, Volume 485, 2019, Pages 158-169, ISSN 0169-4332

3. Adrien Da Silva, Jan Frostevarg, Joerg Volpp, Alexander F.H.Kaplan, Additive Manufacturing by laser-assisted drop deposition from a metal wire, Materials & Design, Volume 209, 109987, 2021

4. N. Anthony, J. Frostevarg, H. Suhonen et al., Laser-induced spallation of minerals common on asteroids, Acta Astronautica (2021)

5. Stephanie M. Robertson, Jan Frostevarg, Jonas Näsström, Therese Berndtsson, Alexander F.H. Kaplan, Evaluation of pre-determined dilution of high strength steels by the Snapshot method, Optics and Lasers in Engineering, Volume 139, 2021, 106512, ISSN 0143-8166

6. Adrien Da Silva, Joerg Volpp, Jan Frostevarg, Alexander F. H. Kaplan, Acceleration of metal drops in a laser beam, Applied Physics A (2021) 127:4,

7. Niklas Anthony, Jan Frostevarg, Heikki Suhonen, Christina Wanhainen, Antti Penttilä, Mikael Granvik, Laser processing of minerals common on asteroids, Optics & Laser Technology (2020), ISSN 0030-3992

8. R. Olsson, J. Powell, J. Frostevarg, A.F.H. Kaplan, Normal Vector Distribution as a Classification Tool for Convoluted Rough Surfaces with Overhanging Features, Journal of Laser Applications, Vol. 32 issue 2, 29-04-2020