Work Pack 1 – Cooperation platform development

The creation of digital network and distant communication platform is designed to facilitate cross-border cooperation between business partners in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Northern Russia. This platform is a tool to help small and medium enterprises to boost their potential for advanced additive manufacturing be benefiting from the research-based and practical development at universities and […]

Work Pack 2 – Ecoassessment of the region

Summary of the Kolarctic MAM A2 report for website This report documents the activities conducted in work package 2 (A2) in InterReg Kolarctic project I2P. Through the A2, the project consortium aims to cumulate knowledge as well as develop a thorough understanding of the economic and environmental status of the Kolarctic region in order to […]

Work Pack 3 – 3D-printing in production

An industrial 3D-printer system for metal will be installed at LTU. The most common technique for metals will be installed, laser powder bed fusion – a core research expertise at LTU. The system will be representative for industrial partners. LTU, with experience with from UO, will build knowledge (design, process, performance, resulting quality, post-processing, etc.) […]

Work Pack 4 – Ideas in the region

Activity A4 will create new ideas from mutual inspiration among partners, led by UO who has developed design experience for 3D-printing. In comparison to established manufacturing, 3D-printing enables very innovative approaches for product design and functionality. Based on knowledge and awareness of technical opportunities and limitations from WP3 and of ecologic and economic assessment from […]

Work Pack 5 – Dissemination

Core of the new cooperation platform will be a public homepage, in English and to some extent in the four national languages. A significant amount of material will either be uploaded as documents/videos or made accessible through web-links. Regional contact databases of all four countries about relevant companies and industrial experts will be expanded further. […]

Work Pack 6 – Coordination

Coordination of the project is carried out by nominating persons of the planned project team for the respective roles, followed by initiating the work plan, accompanied by monitoring of the project progress. In parallel, all administrative and financial tasks are executed. Important is coordination such that the project can be smoothly carried out according to […]