The current global pandemic has proved to be an insufficient reason for suspending the Kolarctic international projects. Online meetings of project teams continue to be held regularly. Yet another online working session under the project I2P: From Idea to Printing of Metal Products was conducted last week. As usual, the meeting gathered representatives of all the participating universities: Luleå University of Technology (Sweden), the University of Oulu (Finland), UiT-The Arctic University of Norway (Norway) and NArFU.

The Russian side was represented by researchers and experts from NArFU Higher School of Engineering, Higher School of IT and Automated Systems and International Cooperation Department.

The implementation of Working Packages 1 and 2 is nearing its completion. In the framework of WP 1, with NArFU as the responsible party, a platform for BEAR cooperation in the field of additive technologies has been finalized. The project website is currently in progress with active support from the whole project team ( www.i2metprint.com). WP 2 is being implemented under the leadership of UiT-The Arctic University of Norway. The parties have developed a questionnaire for analyzing the SME market in the Barents Region, and conducted a series of interviews with the local businesses in order to assess their productive capabilities for 3D-printing application. The survey will allow to create an international business contact network in BEAR. WP 2 has been realized with the active participation of partners from the Association of Oil and Gas Suppliers “SOZVEZDYE”.

Along with the main types of project activities, a series of training seminars for project promotion is in the works. On 27-28 October 2020 Luleå University of Technology will be hosting a major workshop on additive technologies featuring businesses. In addition, the partners plan to hold training seminars in Oulu, Tromsø and Arkhangelsk.

WP3 и WP4 have been discussed and outlined at separate meetings.